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Volunteer Work at Bonanza Ecological Reserve.

If you have 10 days or more to spare, you could take part in our volunteer program, which offers a special daily rate in exchange for volunteer work. We ask you to work for us for five hours a day; the rest of your time is your own to enjoy the rainforest: bird watching, exploring the local jungle trails and relaxing in a hammock. 
The volunteer work we offer is varied and can be arranged to suit your particular interests and abilities; previous experience is not necessary.

Volunteer projects:

Trail clearing
Tropical gardening
Wildlife monitoring & research
Painting signs and displays
Work with tourists (translating)
Working on bird / mammal / plant checklists
Building bridges/ steps/ bird hides

Volunteers can assist in all stages of our projects. 
Do you have a particular skill to offer? (Experienced climbers- could you build a tree platform?) Contact us to design your own volunteer project. Training and supervision is provided.​

Basic Rate 
The basic volunteer rate is USD 345 (ten days) and covers your food and accommodation at Reserve Ecological Bonanza Lodge, but does not include transport, guided tours, entrance fees or insurance.
To get to Bonanza Ecological Reserve from Cusco is by bus  8 hours to get to Port Atalaya and then  5 Hours by boat all the way to Bonanza Ecological Reserve, or you can contact us, and join one of our leaving tours for a cheap lift (you will pay only the true transport cost).In the lodge. If you want you can join guided walks in Bonanza as a member of staff.​

Current projects for 2023
•Monitoring Oxbow lake Motelo
•Monitoring tapir clay lick
•Monkey monitoring
•Birds: macaw, parrot & parakeet monitoring
•Mammal monitoring
•Forest structure research & monitoring
•Maintenance of water supplies and pipes for the lodge
•Maintenance solar panel, energy
•Ecotourism (design trail system and build refugees and hidden places to observe wildlife)
•Maintenance of hummingbird garden
•Cleaning and fixes rooms
•Painting and varnishing the bungalows
•Building artificial macaw nest​

To arrange your volunteer project at  Bonanza Ecological Reserve, please contact us any time. To arrange a visit at short notice if you are already in Cusco - Peru. you can visit us at our office in Calle Suecia 343, Cusco - Peru.​

If you have any other questions please write to us at and we will be pleased to reply.




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