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Terms and Conditions

Once you have chosen a program, please take your time to carefully read and understand our terms and conditions before booking your tour. Payment of reservations for any bird watching and photography programs, reserve zone programs and cultural zone programs to avoid inconveniences. You must accept our terms and conditions when you make the payment through our online payment gateway.


1.-Bonanza Tours Peru is a travel agency accredited by the Ministry of Tourism in Peru and is a Tour Operator authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Peru (DIRCETUR). It requires full compensation insurance and a full bond to comply with all laws relating to the business of international travel. Our company registration number (RUC) is 205428544222. Bonanza Tours Peru is a Official Tour Operator Licensed Tour Operator in the Peruvian Jungle, based on our 21 years of experience. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of Bonanza Tours Peru, do not hesitate to contact us at + +51 84 786804 (during office hours) or send us an email to

2.-The program can change according to weather conditions, road conditions, river levels, as well as the wishes of the group.

3.- Your personal privacy is important to us. When you make a reservation with us, we ask you to provide us with personal information such as your full name, passport number, age, country, occupation, diet, hostel where you will spend the night before the tour and tour to travel with us Bonanza Tours Peru. It's required to collect personal information (such as passport details) to plan your trip. We understand the sensitive nature of this information and will not share it with third parties (unless it is necessary to book flights, hotels or other reservations as part of the trip)

4.- It is your responsibility to make sure you have a valid passport and meet all the necessary entry requirements of our country.

5.-By sending us your initial deposit, you certify that you do not have any physical condition that makes traveling unsafe for you or for other travelers. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have received all appropriate vaccinations and are aware of the risk involved in traveling to high altitudes.

6.-All program prices are based on US dollars. If you book your trip with us, it will be with an initial payment of 15% total price/person. (non-refundable deposit). The final payment (100%) is due 15 days before the date of arrival in Peru.

7.-BONANZA TOURS PERU is not responsible for any loss or damage to the client's personal belongings on tour.

8.- The client is responsible for the loaned or rented equipment, the total cost of the damages or losses must be compensated upon his return to Cusco.

9.- Regarding Customer Substitution, if any member of your group cannot travel, it is possible to transfer the reservation to another suitable person, provided that it is notified in writing at least 45 days before departure. An administration fee of US$50 plus any costs imposed by Bonanza Tours Peru suppliers will be charged. For Manu National Park, it is not possible to change any information such as dates, name and passport number after a permit has been processed. A permit is non-transferable and non-refundable. The deposit will be forfeited. Please note that we do this because we are prohibited from reselling your permit after you have canceled it.

10.- All Clients on tours operated by Bonanza Tours Peru are expected to obey the laws and regulations of the country visited and any breach will release Bonanza Tours Peru from all obligations they may have under these booking conditions.

11.- Please understand that you are booking a tour to the rainforest. Please note that we cannot provide the comfort (Literally translated) that you will find in a city hotel (internet, hot water, electricity).

12.- It is necessary to have Travel Insurance. Bonanza Tours Peru strongly recommends having Travel Insurance to all our travelers. Your travel insurance must cover personal accidents, death, medical expenses and emergency repatriation with a recommended minimum coverage of US$100,000 for each of the coverages. We also strongly recommend that you cover tour cancellation, reduction, personal liability, loss of luggage and personal effects. You must provide proof of your travel insurance 15 days prior to departure.

13.- Clients accept the maximum authority on tour is the guide during the tour

14.- If a client commits an illegal act, he can be excluded from the tour and Bonanza Tours Peru will no longer have responsibility towards/for him. If you are affected by a condition, medical or otherwise, that may affect the enjoyment or active participation of others in the tour, you must inform us at the time of booking.

15. The Client must notify Bonanza Tours Peru in writing during the reservation process of any medical condition, pregnancy, disability or any other mental or physical condition that may affect fitness to travel or any medical condition. Failure to notify Bonanza Tours Peru may result in the Client being denied the trip. If Bonanza Tours Peru is not notified of any condition that results in cancellation, the Client will have to pay the full cancellation fees. Some trips may be unsuitable for Clients due to age, mobility, disability, pregnancy or physical or mental conditions. It is the Client's responsibility to check before booking. Bonanza Tours Peru may refuse to transport pregnant women over 24 weeks or Clients with certain conditions. Bonanza Tours Peru is not required to provide any special facilities unless you have agreed to do so in writing. Bonanza Tours Peru will do its best to accommodate special requests from Clients, including dietary ones, but such requests are not part of the Agreement and therefore Bonanza Tours Peru is not responsible for not providing these requests. Medical facilities vary from country to country and Bonanza Tours Peru makes no representations or warranties regarding the standard of such treatment.

16.-If the Client has a complaint about any of the trip arrangements, he must inform the trip leader or another Bonanza Tours Peru representative at that time so that they can do everything possible to rectify the situation. Only if Bonanza Tours Peru finds out about any problems, there will be an opportunity to fix things. Complaining to Bonanza Tours Peru when a problem arises during your trip will allow us to remedy the situation or provide compensation. If the issue remains unresolved, a written complaint must be submitted to Bonanza Tours Peru within 1 days of the completion of your tour. You can write to us at or visit our office and remedy the problem.

Reservation Procedures (Deposit)

a) Credit card, we accept VISA, through this method there is a commission of 8% commission payment.

b) Bank transfer, You can transfer funds directly from your own bank account to our bank account. There is a US$50 administrative fee attached to this account that you must add to the amount you are sending. We will send you our account details when you confirm your trip. Duration of the transfer taken to receive: 1 day to 3 days depending on the place where it is sent from.

c)PayPal, We accept payments through PayPal; For this payment method PayPal charges a commission of 6% and you must pay it. (Example: Initial amount US$100 + PayPal 6% charge, you must pay US$106).

d) Once the tour has been decided, please contact us before making the PREPAYMENT of 15% of the total price per person, for the program and reservation. This deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation by the client.

e) BONANZA TOURS PERU. After receiving the prepayment we accept and confirm the reservation. This deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation by the client.

Payment of the final balance

The price of the program is in US dollars. We ask that you pay your final balance at our office days before your tour. Currently, we accept cash (soles or US dollars)

The program price per person is agreed upon at the time of booking confirmation and will not increase or decrease.

Cancellation by you

In case of cancellation by the client, it must be notified in writing to BONANZA TOURS PERU. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable. Please indicate the reason for cancellation, as it may be covered by your insurance policy.

If notification of cancellation is received 1 day prior to departure, the client will forfeit the deposit and final payment. 15 to 2 days before departure, 50% of the tour price will be refunded. Less than 48 hours before departure, no money will be returned (100%), also in case of cancellation during the tour, the passenger will pay the price of his return. No refunds will be made for unused lodging, transportation, sightseeing, meals, or services.

Cancellation / Changes by us

Circumstances that is beyond our control: but we cannot accept any responsibility for these matters which include political disputes, border closures and visa denials, strikes, delayed flights, unpredictable weather, strikes, war, civil unrest, natural disasters, government actions , mechanical failures or any fortuitous event, among others.

Bonanza Tours Peru will not pay compensation if you are forced to cancel or change your tour due to war, threat of war, riot, civil conflict, industrial conflict, natural disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, epidemics or risks to health, technical or of maintenance. problems with transportation, closed or congested airports or ports, changes imposed by the rescheduling or cancellation of flights by airlines, the alteration of airlines or types of aircraft, or similar events beyond the control of Bonanza Tours Peru.

In such cases, BONANZA TOURS PERU will propose solutions to reschedule or travel arrangements, but will NOT refund money.

Bonanza Tours Peru reserves the right at any time to cancel or change any of the facilities, services or prices (including flights, accommodation or other arrangements) and to substitute alternative arrangements of comparable monetary value and without monetary compensation or reimbursement of money and does not accept no liability for loss of enjoyment as a result of these changes. The client accepts to assume all the extra costs derived from any of these factors.

Cancellations caused by BONANZA TOURS PERU: we will refund 100% of your Prepayment and final payment.

I have taken enough time to read the Booking Terms and Conditions. I have fully understood all the clauses and give my full consent to all of them.


Thank you for choosing us and have a wonderful trip!





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