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Rainforest LodgeLINK HERE

Rainforest Lodge is located close to Pilcopata village in the cloud forest. The lodge is made of wood which is the traditional design of the Peruvian Amazon. It consists of eleven bungalows with two double rooms each and private bathrooms, and 8 private bungalows with en-suite bathrooms, a kitchen and a panoramic dining room. The lodge is surrounded by a beautiful flower garden that provides food for native hummingbirds. There is also a small pond  where we farm Paco and Tilapia and possibly get to see many kinds of frogs. Many walks can be accessed from the lodge.



Bonanza Lodge / Bonanza Ecological  Reserve. LINK HERE.

The lodge is built of wood which is the traditional design of the Peruvian Amazon. It consists of eight bungalows with two double rooms each, shared bathrooms, a kitchen and large dining room. Bonanza Ecological Reserve. is located halfway between Atalaya and Boca Manu on the Madre de Dios River on 12,500 hectares of private, protected land, bordering the reserve zone of Manu National Park.
It is a place rich in biodiversity and different types of forest with an extensive trail system. Bonanza E. R. is the only reserve in the cultural zone where you can visit a Mammals Clay Lick to observe Tapirs and plenty of other wildlife (deer, wild pig, two kinds of monkeys...).  We built a Camouflaged house very close to our mammal clay lick where you will enjoy seeing the incredible wildlife behavior some of which are from tapirs, deers, monkeys and many small rodents in the Clay Lick, as Tapirs and others animals eating salt mud during the night....We also have 2 NEW Observation Tower up in the canopy, giving you the advantage to see macaws, toucans, and tanagers. 

In Peru Ecotourism has helped make it possible to create national reserves and save the forests of the Amazon basin from destruction. By implementing our ecotourism-based conservation model , we are ensuring the forests will be around for future generations to appreciate. Pioneering projects like Bonanza Ecological Reserve Ecolodge, which was established in 1998, serve as a conservation model, by showing how responsible ecotourism can support conservation initiatives.



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